Technical Security

New cyber security threats and weaknesses are discovered every day, on platforms old and new. Tehcnical security allows these vulnerabilties to be discovered and threats to be mitigated.

Our Technical Security services allocate expert resources to assess areas of your organisations network or environment to determine potential weaknesses and provide appropriate recommendations for risk mitigation and protection of information and technology.

Objective Based Testing

Objective Based Testing measures the coverage and effectiveness of the cyber security controls, processes, people and incidence response capability of any organisation against a targeted cyber attack.

Our Objective Based Testing service involves determining and prioritising your organisation's most valuable information assets and using these high-risk items as the target for our testing.  We use techniques such as penetration testing and social engineering to exploit vulnerabilities, gain access to the environment and compromise the objectives. Results and appropriate remediation strategies are then provided to your organisation.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is an assessment of an organisation’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses and the potential exploitation of a system to highlight security flaws within a set environment.

Once organisational approval has been received, our Penetration Testing service involves performing a real-life hacking event, within an agreed scope, in attempt to gain access to and exploit your organisation’s system network, website or application or information. Recommended corrective actions are provided and our other security services can be utilised to further secure your organisation.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments analyse an environment to identify specific threats and potentially exploitable vulnerabilities that could impact an organisation.

Our Threat and Vulnerability Assessment provides either an internal or external review of your organisation’s network and/or system security. Once threats and vulnerabilities have been confirmed and put into business context, recommendations to protect against these potential security weaknesses are made.

Secure Development Methodology

Secure Development is the process of ensuring that software is developed securely and in line with industry guidelines, principles and best practice.

Our Secure Development Methodology involves working closely with your organisation’s developers to provide the awareness, training and support needed to successfully deliver security requirements into their working process.

Code Review

Code Review is the technique of identifying and remediating errors within code to assist in the development of high quality and secure software and applications, before being published.

Our Code Review uses specific tools and techniques to identity common and specific coding issues in the early stages of development. This results in the seamless ongoing development and reduced likelihood of defects in your organisation's software and applications.