Security Management

Information and technology are some of the most important assets an organisation owns. Security management is the means of protecting these assets.

Our security management services help your organisation prepare for the existence of constantly evolving cyber threats. We assist your organisation to identify, classify and appropriately protect its important information and associated technology.

ISMS Development and Implementation

An effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) allows organisations to identify and secure their information by adopting a systematic approach and applying risk management.

Our ISMS development and implementation services provide a suite of tailored documents, processes and procedures that collectively protect your organisation’s critical information assets.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

ISO/IEC 27001 is the international highest standard for information security management. The ISO 27000 family of standards provides organisations of any size and sector with recommendations on how to effectively manage information security, risks and mitigating controls.

Our expertise, in conjunction with our relationships with certification audit partners maximise the opportunities for successful ISO/IEC 27001 certification of your organisation.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is the detection process used to diagnose existing or emerging cyber security attacks specific to an organisation or sector.

Our Threat Intelligence service identifies new threats as they arise by transforming collected data into information including threat motivation, mechanisms, indicators and implications. With this knowledge, your organisation can effectively predict, identify, deter, assess and respond to advanced cyber attacks.

Incident Management and Response

Incident Management and Response supports Business Continuity in the event of a cyber security incident. By creating an effective management plan, organisations can prepare as much as possible for a cyber attack, to reduce operational disruption and damage to information or business processes.

Our Incident and Management Response service is appropriate for incident preparation and recovery and involves core identification, triage, containment and restoration processes for your organisation.

Security Consulting

Security Consulting is the allocation of a cyber security expert to an organisation or project. This resource offers guidance and a high level of skill and knowledge to any organisation and ensures that projects of any size are effectively completed with security embedded throughout the entire life-cycle.

Our Security Consultants are specifically allocated based on the requirements of your organisation or project. Services typically delivered within, and for projects are business requirements development, solution design review, technical advice/input and process and procedure development.