Security Governance

Security governance is application of overarching responsibilities and practices for an organisation to support strategic direction, meet operational and compliance requirements.

Our security governance services use an analysis of your organisations cyber security needs to determine the necessary resourcing costs and effort required. This calculated spend results in your business objectives being achieved and risk adequately managed.

Security Strategy

A Security Strategy is a plan that involves setting cyber security objectives and providing guidance to ensure that organisations understand expectations and meet overall strategic business direction.

Our individually tailored Security Strategy analyses the specific cyber security needs and overall business objectives of your organisation. We then develop an implementation plan that provides the appropriate security controls needed to protect the information and technology assets in-line with your organisation’s risk appetite.

Security Framework

A Security Framework is the forming of cyber security policies, standards, operational procedures and processes that allow an organisation to achieve strategic objectives by maintaining cyber security and mitigating risk.

Our Security Framework, based on the objectives from a range of industry leading standards, is customised to your organisation's size, sector and internal culture. We assess your current security landscape and develop the most appropriate framework to support your overall business strategy.

Security Architecture

A Security Architecture framework is the fundamental blueprint that describes current and future structure for an organisation’s systems, processes and personnel.

Our unique hybrid architecture model (based on SABSA) includes the conceptual, contextual and logical methods of developing your organisation’s current and future state. With this, we can ensure a secure, consistent and repeatable architectural method that mitigates risks, threats and vulnerabilities to your organisation.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management ensures normal operational functionality for an organisation in the event of an unexpected or disruptive incident.

Our Business Continuity Management service determines the criticality of your operational processes and the supporting assets, systems and people. Our service also includes the development and testing of business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans.

Compliance Auditing

A Compliance Audit reviews the cyber security of an organisation’s environments, systems and processes against relevant standards, regulations and legal requirements to ensure adherence.

Our Compliance Auditing involves determining scope and objectives for a specified reference target with your key stakeholders, followed by assessing your organisation for applicable compliance. Common reference targets are contractual requirements, regulations, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PCI-DSS and PSPF.