Security Culture

Security culture is the "people" part of cyber security. People are the first line of defence in any attack so they must be aware and prepared.

Our Security Culture services provide a comprehensive "soft skills" solution to address the people side of security. Our awareness, training and communications services create long-term behavioural changes for ongoing risk mitigation.

Executive Awareness and Training

Executive Awareness and Training supports the security of an organisation’s information and technology assets by creating a cultural shift occurring at a top tier, cascading down to all employees, organisation-wide.

Our Executive Awareness and Training involves the development and implementation of interactive workshops and learning modules, targeted at the high-level professionals of your organisation. By highlighting the business risks of inadequate cyber security, we ignite the appetite for better security, resulting in a stronger security strategy and increased involvement and commitment from your leadership team.

Awareness Program Development

The development of awareness programs improve an organisation’s risk profile by assessing the current landscape and establishing the requirements for enhanced cyber security.

Our Awareness Program Development involves working closely with your organisation to determine key user communities, unique requirements and optimal training methods to construct an effective awareness program that raises the cyber security maturity your organisation. Our flexible program has options to deliver awareness on top of an existing program or via a full board to frontline approach.

Learning Module Development

Cyber security learning modules allow organisations to provide staff training at high volumes with convenient accessibility.

Our learning modules are SCORM compliant, exceeding the industry standard for online training. After attaining an understanding of your organisation's cyber security needs and existing measures, we develop modules via learning management systems internally within your organisation or with the support of an agreed external provider.

Training and Awareness Delivery

Training and Awareness focuses on the human aspect of cyber security, enabling organisations to strengthen their first line of defence. Incorporating cyber security training into role specific job functions results in risk mitigation by enabling employees to identify, assess, and respond to information security risks at project and task levels.

Our Training and Awareness involves developing a tailored curriculum and assessment for each selected user community of your organisation. We deliver this via a blended learning approach comprising both face-to-face learning and individual online assessment mediums.

Change and Communications Support

Change and Communications Support works in conjunction with Security Awareness and Training to drive behavioural changes in employees. Integrated change and communications programs result in improved employee attitude, which then support the existing security measures, policies, procedures and training in place.

Our Change and Communications Support goes beyond providing one-off communications with a short-lasting effect. We create a cyber security culture with ongoing communications within your organisation to produce long-term change. This change then supports initiatives such as policy launches, new technology solutions, regulatory compliance and, ultimately, to prevent the loss of company data and assets.